Sandeep Singh Chhatwal

Sandeep Singh ChhatwalSandeep Singh Chhatwal, a German national, was born and raised in Germany, where he studied law and business administration. He obtained his law degree from the University of Cologne in 2001 and will complete his executive MBA, with a focus on general management, in September 2013. He currently works from Germany, as a consultant for Amicorp BPO.

Before starting his own law firm, RSC Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Sandeep Chhatwal which specializes in legal and business affairs, Sandeep served as head of human resources and attorney at financial service provider, a company providing services for money transactions for banks, in Cologne, Germany.

Before that he worked four years as branch manager and attorney for one of the largest coffee producers in Germany. In addition to developing sales and distribution structures for various markets, he was also responsible for business promotion and negotiations with local and international clients. As company lawyer he handled trademark, competition, commercial, corporation, and employment law, and contract wording.

Since 2004, when Sandeep was admitted as a barrister to all district, regional and higher regional courts in Germany, in his various roles as attorney and company lawyer, he has dealt with commercial, corporate and employment law, among others.

Sandeep is fluent in German and English and also speaks Hindi and Punjabi.